Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Das Boot

This is the boot before the tread gets merged. Ann has shown me a couple options on how to get that to inter-penetrate and still look good. Add that to the list of to-dos.

Status: July 28, 2009

A larger overall shot. I'll show the boot in another image. I'm essentially done with the undergarments...just adding accessories and details. I also need to do a pass and close up all the open holes where the non-manifold geometry shows through (e.g. neck).

Here's a rear view

Here's an overall shot....need to mirror over the left leg to the right. Next objective: some ammo pouches and chest pouches


This is the flashlight that goes on the soldier's left waist armor webbing. It's called a Tomahawk flashlight. I definitely geeked out on the production of this...there's 6,875 polys just in these two pieces..and that's before the 3 iterations of smooth goes on for the render. So, each polygon gets quadded and then quadded two more times...that's 440,000 polygons just in the flashlight at render time! I'm going to have to start hiding things to keep it from crashing.