Monday, April 12, 2010

Japanese sculpt

I used to work with a guy named Woonam Kim.....he was from S. Korea and is a true Renaissance man. Former special forces officer in the ROK Army. Asian Literature scholar as well as a marathon runner. Did I mention black belt in numerous martial arts disciplines? Finished his Master of Fine Arts in Animation at Cal Arts in the early 'oughts and now has eight or nine Hollywood movie credits to his name.
We were talking about the Asian face one day and the differences between Malaysians and Phillipinos and Koreans. I asked him what he thought about the differences between Caucasians and he famously retorted "I don't know...all white people look the same to me anyways..." I laughed and have always remembered that comment...what a perfect counter statement to the usual western perspective.

Just thought I'd tell you about Woonam because he has nothing to do with this Japanese character I'm making. I'm only one day into this so level 5 on the face. I modeled it in Max which took about three days for the head and whole body. I went a little nuts on the shoes and pants...but hey, why not....there's good detail in there.

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